Larry Newcomb Trio

Photo by Mark Bergin. The (four member) Larry Newcomb Trio perform at The Garage restaurant/jazz bar in New York City's Greenwich Village in April 2011.

Amazing jazz band – Larry Newcomb Trio. Saw them at The Garage, a restaurant/jazz bar in New York’s Greenwich Village a couple of weeks ago. Four of them. A trio? Artistic license? Just spoke with Larry Newcomb on the phone. How do four make a trio? The day after they finished their latest CD their drummer joined them. It would be great to see this brilliant jazz band (trio or quartet) – guitar, sax, bass and drums – on tour. Perhaps the Kingston Jazz Society could host them in Ontario…. Their newest CD, Cliffhanger, is a gem.

I see a lot of bands, jazz and otherwise, especially in New York City. These guys were the best surprise of the year. Why have I not heard them/heard of them before now!?

About Mark Aidan Bergin

Writer, editor, photographic artist specializing in dance, theater, concert, fashion and street photography....sometimes musician. Explorer of arts, culture and world, and all things Celtic and Gotham. On a good day, or perhaps a bad day, simply a mad (FOOBAR, not angry) scientist.
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