Sugarland – The Incredible Machine Tour

Sugarland’s in the middle of their “Incredible Machine” tour.

In a world where we often feel like cogs in a machine, Sugarland’s new album and
tour, “The Incredible Machine,” speaks to the many layers of the human condition.

In response to what they hope audiences take from their new album, guitarist
Kristian Bush said, “That you matter.”

Their tour itself has been wracked by tragedy. On August 13, during a wicked storm in
Indianapolis, their stage collapsed moments before the band was due on stage. Five people were killed, many injured.

The steampunk-themed stage set and most of the instruments gone, Sugarland chose to continue their tour.

Jennifer Nettles, Sugarland’s stunning vocalist, called for healing. Music is healing. The tour continues.

Last night (September 3, 2011) in Syracuse, New York, Sugarland brought love and emotion to 13,500 fans (Official number according the State Fair officials).

Opening with the soaring vocals of “All We Are,” and moving through a horde of hits, Nettles’ voice never missed a note. Kristian Bush, Nettles’ playful foil, played acoustic and electric guitar with skills matching Nettles’ vocal abilities.

During “Love” Nettles spray painted Love and a peace sign on a white flag and handed
it to a young girl in the audience.

Their music is about breaking the bonds that keep us from being human.

Their “Little Miss” project is about making a difference in young (and not so young) girls’
and boys’ (little mister) lives, breaking old molds. Getting beyond pain. Being

Everything about this band speaks to improving the human condition.

Last night, through a lengthy string of their hit songs, they spoke their caring messages loudly to their audience. None was clearer in its meaning than “Stand Up”

“When the walls fall all around you

When your hope has turned to dust

Let the sound of love surround you

Beat like a heart in each of us.

Won’t you stand up, stand up, stand up

Won’t you stand up you girls and boys

Won’t you stand up, stand up, stand up

Won’t you stand up and use your voice”

About Mark Aidan Bergin

Writer, editor, photographic artist specializing in dance, theater, concert, fashion and street photography....sometimes musician. Explorer of arts, culture and world, and all things Celtic and Gotham. On a good day, or perhaps a bad day, simply a mad (FOOBAR, not angry) scientist.
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