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Joseph Finder

Sometimes we have to be silly, playfully turning the rules upside down. I’m reading Vanished, a thriller by Joseph Finder. Chapter One, opening paragraph is one line long: “It was a dark and stormy night.” Seriously, he had the guts … Continue reading

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Wolf Spirit Image

  To look into the eyes of the wolf is to look into the past, present, future and Otherworld.

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Faery Haiku (wordless)

cold….oh so cold….yet pretty weather. Like all in life, balance. Photo of the faery lantern in the yard today….January 20, 2011…a wordless haiku. I love the imperfection in the snow on top, like the deliberate flaw in a magic carpet.

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Godin Guitars

Even we musicians and artists can wear the branding blinders provided us by the corporate world. When we think guitars and quality, so many people want a Gibson, Fender or, more recently, PRS. For the more daring or quirky, there’s … Continue reading

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Photography – devolution

I’m in devolution process. After hundreds of thousands of photos on digital, the urge to fondly caress my Mamiya medium format photo equipment has been overwhelming. Something’s never felt at-home about digital. Need to go back to roots. The beautiful … Continue reading

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Musicians vs. politicians

I gave up on politics long ago and have maintained that it is the musician, not politician, who will change the world. Truth – an unknown in politics – is spoken on the streets (not on the computer or TV) by the … Continue reading

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the artist the poet the writer….are reviled and revered. don’t step over the line; don’t do anything dangerous. we love you. we wish we could be like you. we won’t be like you; material gets in the way. we revile … Continue reading

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